I. staff staff 1 [stɑːf ǁ stæf] noun staff PLURALFORM HUMAN RESOURCES
[countable] the people who work for an organization or business:

• We now employ a staff of 25.

• Every member of staff has strengths and weaknesses.

• It's good to have you on the staff.

• The company's accounting staff are preparing a financial budget.

• Most office staff want to project a smart, professional image for their companies.

In British English, staff can be either singular or plural:

• The staff has done an outstanding job this year.

• The staff were very helpful.

In American English, staff is not used as frequently as in British English, and it is never followed by a plural verb:

• Our New York staff has a crucial role to play in the next 12 months.

Never refer to a person as 'a staff '. Say a member of staff or employee:

• A few members of staff have refused to sign the new contract.

• Many of our employees work from home.

ˈclerical staff [plural] HUMAN RESOURCES
people who work in offices:

• Computers have replaced thousands of clerical staff and middle managers.

ˈcounter staff [plural] HUMAN RESOURCES
people who work in shops and serve customers
ˈfield staff
[plural] HUMAN RESOURCES employees who do not work at a company's or organization's office, but travel to different places in order to do their work:

• Providing support to field staff working alone is particularly important.

ˈjunior staff [plural] HUMAN RESOURCES
employees who are younger or less important than others working in the same company:

• Junior staff were short of money and welcomed the opportunity to earn more through overtime.

ˈsenior staff [plural] HUMAN RESOURCES
employees who are older or more important than others working in the same company:

• The Patent Office lacked experienced senior staff to train the new employees.

supˈport staff [plural] HUMAN RESOURCES
employees whose work is helping a company or organization to operate, for example technical orAdministrative workers:

• Our technical support staff will talk you through any hardware or software difficulty.

  [m0] II. staff staff 2 verb [transitive] HUMAN RESOURCES
to provide the workers for an organization:

• We have an office and a warehouse staffed by 16 employees.

— staffing noun [uncountable] :

• The company expects to reduce staffing by about 8% next year.

Staffing costs rose 12%.

* * *

staff UK US /stɑːf/ noun [S or U] HR, WORKPLACE
all the people who work for a particular company or organization, or in a particular place: »

The company prides itself on the training programmes it provides for its staff.


Staff are expected to move to the new building later this year.


employ/hire/recruit staff

a staff of 5/50, etc. »

They employ a core staff of 25 full-time employees.

a member of staff/staff member »

As a result of our investigations, two members of staff have now left the organization.


experienced/professional/trained staff


full-time/part-time staff


permanent/temporary staff


clerical/office staff


sales/kitchen/check-in staff

staff shortage/turnover/morale »

The hours are long, the work is dull, and staff turnover is high.

See also COUNTER STAFF(Cf. ↑counter staff), FIELD STAFF(Cf. ↑field staff), JUNIOR STAFF(Cf. ↑junior staff), SENIOR STAFF(Cf. ↑senior staff), SUPPORT STAFF(Cf. ↑support staff)
staff UK US /stɑːf/ verb [T] HR, WORKPLACE
to provide workers for a particular organization: »

We are looking for up to 50 bilingual people to staff the call center.

be staffed by/with »

The law centre is staffed by professional lawyers and advisers.

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